How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair?

Well, a squeaky office chair can be quite annoying, and make you feel a little uncomfortable while working on your computer. After all, it would keep distracting you with the noise it makes every time you move it.

While some may consider replacing their chair, it’s not always the ideal solution as a new office chair that’s of a decent quality can be a little expensive, and squeaking may be a rather common problem.

Hence, it makes sense to search for a fix to the problem, and surprisingly, there’s a fairly easy yet quite an effective one.

Let us go through it now.

Tightening the bolts and screws

Well, one of the common reasons of an office chair starting to squeak is loosened hardware. Hence, the first thing you may want to do to fix the squeaking is simply check the screws and bolts and tighten them if necessary.

bolts and screws on a office chair

In fact, you may want to tighten them anyway just to be sure. If it the problem was just loosened hardware, this should fix the problem without having to bother with anything else.

Using lubricants

However, if the problem is a little more challenging and doesn’t just involve loosened screws, you may want to use lubricants to get the job done.

The areas you would want to focus on are the ones that rub together. Now this may differ from chair to chair, so you may have to figure it out on your own. Similarly, you may also have to find the other areas that may be responsible for the squeaking. You probably be able to find them by simply moving the chair while observing where the noise comes from.


After you find them, you may simply want to use oil, or in some cases (especially when the chair is VERY squeaky), even grease on those areas. You can either simply spray oil or use a soft cloth to apply it over the areas that seem to be causing the squeaking. However, it’s recommended to do it outdoor as it could be a little messy task at times and if you’re using strong agents like grease, it may even leave a strange and annoying smell behind.

Still squeaking?

Sometimes, even this may not be enough for getting rid of the squeaking. In such cases, you may also want to fix the springs by locating them inside the turn-knob and applying oil over them. The reason it may work is because sometimes, the chair starts making a squeaking sound while rocking back and forth, pointing towards a problem with the springs.

Similarly, you may also want to spray the back side of your office chair (the area between the multiple contact points) with a lubricant, as well as over its wheels.

These things should manage to do the trick even when nothing else works.

A final word

Fixing the squeaking of your office chair doesn’t really have to be challenging, even if it has been long since you last did any maintenance work on it. Just following the above method once in a while should help keep your office chair in good condition.