How to Fix a Leather Chair That is Peeling

Leather chairs typically offer sophisticated looks and constitute a thing of pride to those who own them. But they can get a bit frustrating when they start to peel after being used for some length of time. This issue is more common with faux or fake leather. There may be no need to fret so much about the peeling in that it often affects only the finish of a leather chair. Here are some steps you can follow to fix the problem using a leather dye.

Have a closer look

A closer inspection of your leather chair will be beneficial in ensuring the peeling being experienced is appropriately dealt with. Take a closer look to ascertain the scale of the issue. While you might think you already know the areas affected by peeling or flaking, the extent of the problem may not entirely be visible until you carefully examine your chair. This can enable you to nip future issues in the bud before becoming full-blown.

Clean the chair

After identifying areas that need a fix, proceed to clean them with a microfiber cloth or one that is meant for cleaning leather – lesser-quality clothes won’t do a good job. Make use of a special leather-cleaning product that doesn’t contain oils or wax additives. Some leather repair kits do come with special wipes for doing the cleaning. You may also sand the area to be repaired lightly and wipe the fine particles off.

Get dye ready

The next thing you want to do is get the dye that will be used for the fix ready. The color should match that of the leather perfectly. There are special repair kits than can be used for dealing with the problem of a peeling leather chair. They come with different colors and a container for preparing the dye. You simply mix the desired color(s) with the leather repair liquid. After doing the mixing, test the preparation in an inconspicuous area of the chair to be certain it matches the leather. If you can get an already prepared leather dye, it is all well and good, especially when it matches well.

Apply the dye

Once you are satisfied with the color of the repair solution, apply it on the surface of affected areas – repair kits often come with a special device for doing this. Apply the leather dye to the peeling areas as many times as you consider necessary until they blend into the natural color of your leather chair. It is advised to allow the dye to dry after each application.

You will need to spread the color solution out beyond the damaged area for the result to be more satisfactory. When you are satisfied with your chair’s look, stop the application and allow the color coat to dry. You may use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Repair kits often come with a leather grain paper than can be used with an iron to heat-set the repair color solution.

You will agree that the process of fixing a leather chair that is peeling doesn’t sound complicated at all. Following these easy steps, you can get over or disguise that unpleasant look associated with peeling or flaking.