How to Clean Fabric Chair Seats

Fabric chairs contribute to that cozy feeling which every homeowner desires. They also have a way of accentuating the appeal of your home. And when it comes to boosting the look of your home with these chairs, it helps for them to look clean always without unsightly stains and spots. But no matter how careful you may be, there will come a time when you will have to deal with some forms of stains or dirt on your cozy fabric chair seats. What do you at those times? Let’s share with you some ideas that can help with the cleaning process.

Cleaning Fabric Chair Seats


Vacuuming is something you need to endeavor doing regularly if you must keep you fabric chair seats looking pleasant to the eye always. It is the first step you want to take if your chair looks rather dingy to your liking. Over time, dust, crumbs and particles settle into different parts of your chair seat.  A vacuum cleaner can help you to suck all these out. You may be amazed at how clean your chair seats look after vacuuming. It not only assists in dealing with dirt and dust, but also in preventing grime from setting in from regular use.

Blot immediately

It is the best when stains are dealt with immediately when they occur. You stand better chance of success by doing this. Now, this does not mean rubbing or scrubbing fresh spills to eliminate stains; you should work to blot such instead. Rubbing and scrubbing can worsen the state of the chair fabric, if it doesn’t cause the stain to set in deeper as well. Get a piece of clean cloth to mop up the spill to prevent it from spreading out and affecting wider area. The use of dish soap and little amount of water may also be helpful in this regard.

Understand cleaning codes

With the variety of fabric chair options on offer, it is impossible for a particular cleaning method or approach to apply to all. It is for this reason that cleaning codes have been developed in the industry. These codes which are included on care labels give you an idea of the best cleaning products to tackle stains. The labels are commonly placed under the cushion. The following are the codes and what they stand for:

  • S: Clean with non water-based product (for example, dry cleaning solvent)
  • W: Use a water-based cleaning product
  • WS: Clean using either a water-based or water-free cleaner
  • X: Brush and vacuum only (ideally cleaned by a professional)

Not all chairs come with these codes, however. If yours do not have, you can spot-test cleaning products on obscure portions of the fabric to see what works. Vacuuming or expert assistance may be best in such a situation.

Choose appropriate cleaning products

The perfect cleaning product to use for your chair seat depends on material type. Cotton, suede, rayon, wool, microfiber and others have specific cleaners that work best on them. The ideal cleaning products are usually included in the care instructions that come with these chairs. White vinegar can be used for removing surface stains. Warm water and mild detergent may suffice in getting rid of stains in some instances as well.

Do thorough cleaning

If the extent of stain is beyond the scope of spot cleaning, you can simply pop out your seat cover, if removable, and wash with the recommended cleaner. But in a case where the cover is not removable, first vacuum the upholstery to eliminate dirt and dust. Then use a small amount of water and recommended cleaner to soak stains and wipe with clean, dry cloth. Make sure you do not saturate the material.

You should be able to deal successfully with stains using the ideas provided here. But you will need to get professional help if the stains persist after implementing these tips. The best you can do on your own will be to deal with stains immediately as they occur. Regular (weekly) vacuuming also helps.