How to Choose an Accent Chair

Accent chairs are among the important items that often feature prominently when decking out a home from scratch or re-decorating a previously decorated one. Interest in these chairs is not merely because of their functional purposes. People also have a special interest in them in that they offer a good way of making a statement to friends and guests. In choosing the perfect accent chairs for your home, there are a variety of factors that may be quite important to consider. Let’s examine some of these important considerations.


As with when buying regular chairs, the space available for your new purchase needs to be well assessed. You sure do not want your living space looking crammed after bringing in your new accent chairs. Failure to consider available space in your home may lead to disruption of already established pleasant flow or vibe. So you want to make sure you have some idea of how much space is available for the accent chairs to be bought without making your room look jam-packed.

Size and Number

Accent chairs come in different sizes. So the next thing you want to do after ascertaining available space will be to decide the ideal size of the chairs to buy. The number needed will play very important role in determining this. You should consider the number of accent chairs you desire and use this to decide on the largest size of each one based on the space available. If the number desired appears not feasible, you may consider taking out some pieces of old and decrepit furniture to create more space. Ideally, the seat height of these chairs should be level (or about so) with other seating in your living space. Your room is very likely to look uncoordinated if you failed to get space, size and number right.


Also related to the foregoing considerations is placement. This is quite important beyond what many people actually seem to realize. You should try to picture how your new accent chairs will fit into your room arrangement. They should make your living space look more appealing and easy to move around, not otherwise. Room layout plays a crucial role when it comes to placement consideration. If you are putting them in a high-traffic area, reclining accent chairs will not be perfect choice. You can place the chairs opposite the main sofa when looking to create an ambiance that facilitates conversation.


It is vital to consider the purposes the accent chairs you are planning to buy will serve. Are you trying to use them to make a statement? Will your kids and pets have access to them? Or are you interested in something just to entertain guests? The purpose to which these chairs will be devoted must be given special thought. Hard-wearing, yet cozy leather chairs are good for commonly used areas where children and pets may also be found. An antique or hand-crafted wood accent chairs are better placed in areas less used such as bedrooms.


Different styles of accent chairs are available on the market. As a result, you can easily make the wrong choice when you consider the large number of eye-catching offerings out there. It is however important to get your style choice rise, especially when you are interested in making a statement with your accent chairs. The look of your home – whether traditional or contemporary – must be considered when making a choice. Your gut feelings could also be helpful in this regard. A bit of mixing and matching may be helpful in singling out the perfect style.

Color and Texture

Related to the style consideration is getting the color and texture of your accent chairs right. You will do well to exercise due diligence in selecting from the variety of fabric and color options available. The existing tones in the rooms where you will be using the chairs will have to be considered. This will go a long way in helping you choose the ones that fit in well into the color scheme in your home. Accent chairs are commonly used as focal points to draw attention away from some other parts of the space where they are placed. For example those with rooms having a neutral tone, a colorful, stylish accent chair could make a great focal point.

If you place a high premium on style and coziness, chairs made with soft fabrics, such as interwoven fabrics, may be just perfect. But these will not be ideal for families with playful kids or pets.

Accent chairs are wanted not just for the purpose they serve in a living place. They also offer a good way for people to make a style statement to others. There are a variety of styles, colors and fabric options. What is perfect for a person or family may not be for another. You will be able to get the perfect accent chair by considering some or all of the factors discussed here when making your purchase.