How to Choose a Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs, also known as rockers, have maintained their appeal despite of having been in use for hundreds of years. It is a darling of people of all ages providing awesome, soothing relaxation when you need it. The back-and-forth motion makes a rocking chair a good place to find yourself when you want to unwind. But finding a rocker that truly delivers to expectation requires you to be meticulous in making your choice. Here are some ideas you can use for the buying process to help you choose right.

Rocking chairs

Important considerations for buying a rocking chair


You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to materials used in constructing rocking chairs these days. Some are upholstered while some others are constructed with solid materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. Upholstered rocking chairs are great for indoor settings, with cushions and pads available in diverse colors. The pads and cushions are usually replaceable. Certain wooden varieties, such as those made with oak, are also good for indoor use. You will be better off with rockers made using wood, bamboo, plastic or metal if you intend using outdoors.


Just as there are different materials, there are also different styles of rocking chairs. You have modern, traditional, cottage and several other styles to choose from. The best choice for you greatly depends on the setting where you plan to use the chair. When buying a rocking chair for your home, consider how such it complements the design.

Wooden rocking chairs


This is obviously the main reason you are buying a rocker in the first place so you want to ensure it is well covered. The best chair should offer you good head and back support while also fitting the size of your body. It should allow your feet to be on the floor at a comfortable angle and give room for changing positions with ease.


Rocking chairs can be heavy or lightweight. Different factors will determine what does it for you. If you care more about ease of rocking the chair, you want to go for a lightweight chair. But you cannot always have it all. Your weight and build will ultimately determine the best option. Take note of recommended weight limits if given by the manufacturer.

Safe construction

It is important to consider safety when looking to choose a rocking chair. Make sure the one you choose is solidly constructed and that the frame is sturdy. Look out for sharp edges or gaps that could potentially cause harm or discomfort.


This factor is not all that essential. But who’s to know, you may get tired of your rocking chair down the line. So what becomes of it? For this reason, it may help to consider if you will be able to convert your rocker to another form, such as a regular chair.


As with any other purchases, you will do well to consider how much you can afford to pay to get a rocking chair. You should expect to pay an amount in the low hundreds to thousands of dollars. The quality of material used for construction determines how much you pay eventually. Features of a rocker also play a role in pricing.

Making your purchase

With the foregoing factors in mind, you should find it easier in purchasing the right rocking chair that takes your relaxation to another level. It is also useful to check how the rocker joints are attached. Does it have interlocking joints or glued joints? It is better to go for an offering with interlocked joints if you intend using your rocker for a long time. Today’s rocking chairs come with several other features, including massage function and heated seats. These additional features further enhance the quality of comfort and relaxation you get. However, they also increase how much you pay and the price difference may not be necessary worth it.

You want to be on your guard against the sweet talk of the salesman you will be dealing with. Endeavor to still eliminate all doubts even when you think you have found the perfect rocking chair. You should sit in the chair and have a feel of how comfortable it really is. Check for everything you need in a rocking chair to ensure they are all covered. Have it at the back of your mind that high prices do not always indicate quality. You do not need a rocker laden with numerous features which you do not really need. Go for one that falls within your budget and delivers respectable level of comfort for the money.