How to Choose a Drafting Chair

More and more people now make use of ergonomic drafting chairs. These enhance the level of comfort a person gets from sitting in them thereby boosting productivity indirectly. Perhaps, you are also considering getting one of these chairs and need tips on how to buy right. You are in the right place to get ideas that will be helpful to you.

About Drafting Chairs

Also known as drafting stools, drafting chairs were originally intended for engineers, architects, and draftsmen who usually spend hours on end working on plans and sketches in chairs or on stools. They offer convenient back and foot supports while also allowing people who use them perch and lean forward. The unique benefits of the chairs have made them to be adopted by those who were not part of the original users. Drafting chairs are now been used by data entry workers, laboratory workers, secretaries and many others who work in sitting position for many hours.

What to Look for in a Drafting Chair

Ergonomics has become the buzz word when it comes to chairs these days. This has to do with the application of scientific knowledge in work settings with the aim of minimizing work-related injuries while also boosting productivity. This is why we now hear of things such as ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic drafting chairs. However, the term “ergonomics” is now increasingly being abused by companies in the bid to sell their products. You may end up buying a chair that isn’t really ergonomic because of this. The following are some factors to consider for buying a good, ergonomic drafting chair.

Adjustable heights

Drafting chairs are different from office chairs mainly in terms of their higher heights that allow working on tall drafting tables. But like ergonomic office chairs, the appropriate ones to buy should have adjustable heights. Your drafting chair should be such that you can adjust the height so that your feet can rest flat on the floor or a raised platform. It should be adjustable in a manner that allows your hand to be somewhat parallel to the ground while working. This, way, blood circulation is enhanced and injuries are prevented.

Ample room

The level of comfort you get while sitting in a drafting chair is partly determined by the depth and width of such. The perfect one should have sufficient room to accommodate the girth of your body without your hips being pinched. Flow of blood in the body may be hindered when you choose a chair of inappropriate width. Drafting chairs measuring around 17 by 20 inches should be okay for many people, but will not necessarily be best for everyone. You can test the different types available to determine the best fit when buying.

Cozy material

It is also advisable to pay attention to the type of material used. Fabric, leather and vinyl are some of the materials that are commonly used. There is a bit of tradeoff between these different materials. For instance, leather is durable and stylish, but it is dear and can be uncomfortable to sit in for hours in a room that is not properly air-conditioned. Fabric will be more comfortable in poorly air-conditioned settings, but it may become stained or get torn more easily. The best material will be one that doesn’t expose you significantly to associated drawbacks in the light of where and what you intend using your drafting chair.

Lumbar support

The perfect chair should offer sufficient support to your back, especially the lower part, if you will be sitting in it for long hours. Without adequate lumbar and posture support, you are at risk of having back pain. You prevent unnecessary strains on your neck and back muscles when adequate lumbar support is provided.

Other Features

Some other qualities may also need to be considered. One of these is adequate cushioning to prevent muscles in your lower back and buttocks from feeling sore and your knees from being pinched. Arm rests, swing, recline and tilt, and seat pan angling are among the other features you may find interesting.

When you think you have found the perfect drafting chair, you should endeavor to clear all doubt by actually sitting in it to have a feel of the real thing. You can search for reviews and check for some sort of money back guarantee or warranty when buying online. With the right choice, you can say goodbye to discomfort, back pain and sore muscles you might have been suffering from while working in sitting position for hours.