How to Choose a Bean Bag Chair

Some might think bean bag chair is a new phenomenon, especially when you consider its increasing popularity in recent years. However, it has been around since 1970s. It only fell out of fashion for some time in the 1980s due to the original designs that left a lot to desire. Although modern designs of bean bag chairs are better, it is still possible to buy one that may leave more to be desired. Here are some things to consider to make your purchase worthwhile.

Photo by Mike Mozart

Material quality

Bean bags are made using different materials, including faux suede, cotton and faux leather. Whatever material used, you should endeavor to make sure such is of very high quality. Stain-resistant, upholstery-quality materials are the best. These are better able to withstand wear and tear. You should not allow cost considerations to take attention off the quality of material used. Swatch samples can help you determine whether a particular material will deliver to your expectation.


Polyurethane foam and polystyrene bead are two types of fillings commonly used for bean bag chairs. Each of these have their pros and cons. Polystyrene bead chairs are easier to move around, but the fillings break down relatively more easily over time, making it necessary to refill. There is no need for a refill in the case of softer polyurethane foam in that it doesn’t break down, but it is heavier. You determine which filling type is better for you. But the ideal one should be non-carcinogenic, safe, and offer impressive support.


There are bean bags for people of virtually all ages – it is not a case of one fits all. There are children and adult offerings. But it is possible that you are only given the circumference of a chair, which is not sufficient in determining fit. You will need to get the height, length and width. Height plays very important role in determining the perfect choice. Taller individuals, including tall children, will get more comfort and support from a bigger bean bag.


And talking about comfort, the purpose for which you are buying a bean bag chair will determine the right one that delivers most comfort. The same type, for instance, may not be suitable for both gaming and movie watching purposes. A chair that better supports upright seating position may be perfect for gaming than for watching movies. But you need to ensure the bean bag you consider more comfortable can fit in into the space available in your home.

Removable Cover

In some cases, such as when colorful fabrics are used, bean bag chairs with removable and washable covers are advisable to buy, if you can find such. It is virtually unavoidable for these not to be stained over the span of their useful life. They can become somewhat unsightly with stains on them. Spot-cleaning may help in dealing with these for some time. But the only option you will eventually be left with will be to source for money to acquire a new chair, if covers are non-removable, when these stains start to turn embarrassing.

Bean bag chairs have become so popular these days that some have started seeing them as a better alternative to traditional furniture. Low costs and comfort are two major factors that make people have this view. But for your purchase to be one you will not regret, the considerations mentioned here are worth having in mind when buying one. It also helps if you can get a warranty, especially when spending a somewhat considerable amount on your purchase.