How to Choose a Sofa

Your choice of sofa can either improve the look of your home or do otherwise. It will also tell on the level of comfort you enjoy when sitting in it. You really want to make sure you are spending your money on the perfect sofa when buying. It is especially more important to pick right when you consider how much sofas cost. Let’s make your task of choosing the perfect sofa easier.

Determine room dimensions

Nice sofa in a living roomStrangely, some people do not pay enough attention to the size of a room before going ahead to get a sofa for it. It is needless to say that most of such end up getting frustrated. You should ensure you know the size of the living space where you intend having a sofa. This will enable you have an idea of how much wiggle room you have without getting the place overcrowded. In addition, make sure you take measurements of all entry points – for example, doors and hallways. Nothing can be more frustrating than buying what you consider the perfect sofa and being unable to carry it in.

Ascertain ideal shape and size

Modern L-shaped sofaSofas are available in different shapes and sizes. This part should be easy to deal with if you already know much space you have. An L-shaped sofa may be best if you have a large space, but a rounder offering will be more appropriate if you have a smaller space to fit it in. You may find a modular sofa more appropriate if you are the type that moves frequently.

Consider style

It is also good to consider how a particular sofa complements the look of your home. It is not enough for it to look good independently, unless you are considering an overall makeover of your living space. If your home has a modern tone, you should by all means go for a sofa that blends in with its sleek and clean lines. A couch that mixes in diverse styles may be the perfect fit in a situation whereby you do not have a specific design or color theme for your home.

Decide on a material

A fabric sofaAs you no doubt know already, a sofa can be made from different types of materials. It could be made using fabric or leather. You will find fabric sofa ideal if all you care for is one that makes you feel all cozy. This also gives you more ways of expressing yourself as you can choose from a greater variety of colors and patterns. A leather sofa makes for a better choice when you are interested in using the one you purchase for a long time. This type is classic (always in style) and they are easier to clean, which is a good thing if you have young kids. It may interest you to know that sofas using Sunbrella fabrics are stain-resistant as well while also offering waterproofing and protection against fading from the sun. Materials blending leather and wool have an aesthetic feel to them and they are highly durable, albeit expensive. Fabrics with woven patterns are more durable than those featuring printed patterns.

Have a feel of the fillings

It is beneficial to get a feel of the fillings used for a sofa before buying. This could give an idea of how long the couch will last and how much comfort it can offer. Fillings could be made using polyurethane foam, goose down feathers and polyester fiber, among others. As would be expected, all these vary in terms of durability, comfort, maintenance and, of course, price. These different factors should be put into consideration when making a purchase. If you value durability, go for a sofa with high-density foam filling, but note that this will feel hard to touch. Low-density foam is less-expensive and softer, but weakens very fast with regular use. Sofa with polyester fiber filling is also friendly on the pocket, but becomes flattened in little time.

Factor in color

Color consideration should not be overlooked. It will help for your new acquisition to blend in with the tone of your room. Take some time to imagine how the color of a particular couch will go with the shade of your interior furnishings and floor. If you are unsure of what color is best or you are afraid to experiment, you could opt for a sofa with a neutral color. You may not need to get a new sofa if you later decided to change the color theme of your living space if you go with this option. Neutral-colored sofas with little or no patterns blend with most decors.

The above factors are not the only ones you may want to consider when choosing a sofa, but they should be enough to help you buy right. It is important to ensure the one you will be buying has sturdy frame fashioned from hardwood, such as oak or beech. You should consider buying a sofa with springs that feel strong and firm through the upholstery. There will always be the temptation to go for something more budget-friendly. But it is beneficial to pay a little more for improved quality than be overly focused on cutting cost by all means.

Photo: pixabay