Restore The Magnificent Look Of Leather Chair With Natural Cleaners

Leather is very common fabric, which is usually applied in most of the furnishings in our households. From the chairs to the couches or any other furniture- all are made highly luxurious and cozy simply with the use of leather. However, though they look much striking, you may face challenges while cleaning any type of leather. Most of the experts have the opinions that it is not good to use harsh quality chemical cleaners. Thus, it means that you have to buy the products, which are friendly to your leather. Still, if these products are not available to you easily, you can look for some natural home-made solution for leather chair cleaning purpose.

Leather Chair

However, before applying the solution, you have dust the chair systematically. Give special focus on the areas that are between seat cushions of the chair.

  • Use your vacuum cleaning machine for removing the debris.
  • It makes certain that the dirt and dust won’t be present in the leather
  • While making use of vacuum, you have to be cautious about not to scrape your leather

Now, here are some tips to make natural cleaner, at your home.

Lemon juice with tartar cream

The juice of lemon along with the emulsion of tarter may, at times, create an effective cleaning solution. If you have light colored leather, then you can try this method. Many people have noticed that it is very simple to remove all the stubborn black spots from any light colored or white leather chair. You have to take an equal amount of tartar and lemon juice, and then blend them in order to make some paste. Then, apply this paste on all the spots, and rub it. Leave that part for nearly ten minutes. Again, apply another coating of that paste and remove it with wet sponge.


At first, you have to wet one cloth piece, using the warm water. Then, swab the leather chair, to eliminate the dust. Leave the chair for one hour to get completely dried. Boil linseed oil (one and half cup) in a container for nearly 5 minutes. Then remove it and allow it cool slightly. Blend the white vinegar (three fourth cups) with linseed oil. Pour this mixture to a bottle that can help you to spray. Spray the mixture on the area and then leave it for some minutes. Keep on rubbing the chair with that mixture until it gets treated completely.

Remove the stain of pen

Often, the pen stains are found on chairs, and it may damage the overall look of the luxury furniture. For removing these stains, you may rub alcohol. Carry on rubbing the area until the stain is removed.

Mildew or mold stains

For these stains also, water and alcohol are needed. Combine these two components equally in a bowl and apply it on the tainted area.

So, now, you will be able to clean all the dark stains without calling professionals. Stick to the home-made natural cleaners that never affect your leather chair.