How to Choose a Living Room Chair

Things could get a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing a chair for your living room use. With so many options available, you may end up making a regrettable purchase decision if proper care is not taken. It is essential, however, to choose right given the living room is where your family and guests spend most time together. So how do you choose a living room chair? Here are some tips that you will find useful when making your purchase.

What should you do to choose right?

There are several things you may consider before buying a living room chair. However, the following are arguably the most essential things to do:

Measure your space

Choosing living chairs

The first step you will need to take (after determining a budget) is to have a better idea of how much space you have in your living room. Now, this might sound obvious and commonplace enough, but you may be surprised that many living room chair buyers are found wanting in this regard. Failure to do this may result in you getting frustrated at your purchase decision in the end. Or what would it feel like to have bought what you considered the “perfect chair” only to find it didn’t fit in well? You should use a meter stick or tape measure to get a better idea of how much space you have available. It is essential to take measurement of your doorways as well before heading out for your purchase. This way you are better able to determine the chair size that will pass through seamlessly.

Draw a floor plan

After determining the amount of space available, it wouldn’t hurt to create a floor plan as well. This will further help you figure out how much space you can spare for furniture without making movement a pain. You may go a step forward by staging your living room, marking areas where you think chairs of particular sizes can fit it in.

Think style

Style your living room with chairsAll homes are not the same. Different homes have different themes and styles. What this means then is that a living room chair might not fit in every room. Integrated design elements play a crucial role in what works. For instance, a traditional-style chair will function better in a room with an old-fashioned fireplace. The style of the living chair you choose should be such that blends well with your room decoration; it shouldn’t stand out like a sore finger.

Consider usage (and material)

It is very relevant as well to put intended or potential users into focus when choosing a living room chair. Determination of this will go a long way in figuring what material choice would be perfect in your case. There are different types of materials that are used in making these chairs, including leather, fabric and microfiber. Leather delivers impressive level of sophistication to a modern room and makes a great option if you want a chair that can also be used by children. If you’d love to play around with diverse colors and patterns, a chair with fabric will be better, especially if you do not have kids or intend using it for occasional visitors. But then, there are also chairs that come with stain-resistant fabrics and as such are good as well for those with kids and pets.


Attempt should be made at achieving efficient coordination with existing furniture in your living room, if you have any. It is advised to choose a chair that is about the same height as your sofa from seat-level down. This guarantees some level of uniformity and impressive flow in your living room.

Do not forget comfort

Living room chairs are definitely not acquired for their own sakes. You buy them because of the coziness they can deliver to your living space. So it would be unthinkable to overlook the comfort factor when buying. To ensure you get impressive value for your money, you will do well choosing a chair made using wrapped foam instead of down filling. Both are comfortable, but the latter wears faster.

Buying tips

We cannot over-emphasize the need for taking measurements. You will not be wrong to measure your room several times over. Have the measurements handy when heading out to make your purchase. Before buying, it will be beneficial to request material samples, even if it is just paint cards. You may consider this waste of time and money, but it is not. This can save you from the greater cost and frustration that comes from realizing rather late that the chair bought for your living room does not fit in at all.

Many of us are looking for every opportunity to save money on purchases made these days. Economic conditions have made it worthwhile cutting costs here and there. However, it is important to ensure you do not taking this to the extreme when making your living room chair purchase. Do not hesitate if you have to pay a little more than what you originally budgeted to get enhanced quality. Chairs fashioned with robust wood frames and superb materials hold up better in the long run to justify the extra cost. You may even get a great price if you eventually decide to sell them off.

The right choice of chair is essential in making your living room serve the purpose it is meant to. It can not only boost the overall look of the space, but also make every time spent there pleasant. The few tips provided here should be helpful to you in choosing the right living room chair.