Building a Simple Wooden Chair: Easy DIY Project

Chairs are useful pieces of furniture. One can always accommodate extra guests when they have enough chairs to seat them. One can build chairs at a fraction of the cost of buying them at furniture stores. Building one’s own chair is a fun and challenging DIY project.

Things You Will Need:


  • Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Pocket hole jig (I’m using a Kreg K4MS but it can be done with any pocket hole jig systems)
  • Router with a round bit
  • 1 ¼ inch wood screws
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Wood Putty
  • Primer
  • Wood stain

Lumber of different sizes:

  • 2×2 front legs
  • 2×4 back legs
  • 1×4 aprons
  • 1×6 for chair back and chair back slats
  • 2×2 for braces
  • Plywood ½ inch for the seat

Step-by-step on building a simple wooden chair:

Step One: With a pocket hole jig, drill holes  for screws on the wooden parts of the chair. Use the router with the round bit to smooth all the edges.

Step Two: Cur the legs, braces and aprons of the chair and smooth the edges using the router with the round bit.

Step Three: Connect the front legs to the back legs of the chair using aprons. Secure the parts together using wood glue and screws. Use plenty of wood glue to bond the parts together well. Once both front legs and back legs are connected place the front and back aprons using wood glue and screws.

Step Four: Make adjustments to ensure that the measurements of the chair back to suit your needs. Glue and screw the back aprons in place. Cut wooden slats for the chair back and attach them between the aprons of the chair back.

Step Five: Overturn the chair and start making the seat. Cut and place four braces in the four corners of the seat. Secure them using wood screws. Turn the chair to an upright position.

Step Six: Measure and cut plywood to make the seat of the chair. Cut the corners of the plywood in a small L shape to ensure that it fits around the legs of the chair. Fix the plywood seat using wood glue and wood screws to fit firmly on the seat aprons.

Step Seven: Fill all the holes with wood putty. Leave the putty and glue to dry for at least twelve hours.

Step Eight: After twelve hours, sand the chair using the 120 grit sandpaper. Wipe the entire chair with a clean cloth. Apply a coat of primer or wood conditioner. After the primer dries completely apply wood stain. Apply at least three coats of wood stain one after the other. Put a second coat of wood stain only after the first coat dries completely and the third coat after the second coat dries completely.

Step Nine: Leave the chair to dry for another twenty four hours.

Step Ten: Sit on the chair to ensure that it can bear weight and is sturdy enough to seat a guest.

Building a wooden chair

The project of building a chair takes about two days to complete and is a rewarding one. The result is you have a beautiful and useful piece of furniture to treasure for many years.