Best Computer Gaming Chair Reviews 2017 (Top picks for PC Gamers)

Well, is there really a need for considering computer gaming chairs, let alone the best computer gaming chairs? After all, they too are nothing but just chairs. Or are they really?

The thing is that many gamers spend hours every day sitting on a chair and immersed in a game. While if they were to do this just for a few weeks or maybe even just a couple of months or so, there probably wouldn’t have been a need for separate chairs specifically designed for them.

However, as most gamers are known to be a little addict to gaming and continue to spent a lot of time playing games on their computer for months and even years, they may sometimes feel the need for having something comfortable to sit on. This paves the way for looking into computer gaming chairs, or chairs that are specifically designed for gamers who spend hours playing games on their computer.

While the ideal gaming chair may well come down to your personal preferences, there are some general things that seem important to keep in mind while looking for a gaming chair. We will be going through them in a bit. However, for now, we will simply take a look at what seem to be some of the best computer gaming chairs out there.

If you like any of them, you might as well get to avoid all the hassle involved in trying to find the best pc gaming chair yourself.

best gaming pc chairs

Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

This gaming chair, as you guessed it, got its name from the “racing” look and feel it comes with. That said, the looks seem great, and the quality of materials used seems to be just as good too. Furthermore, it’s also pretty easy to assemble, and unless you get stuck with getting the arms in place, you should be able to do it in just around 15 minutes or so.

However, an important thing to keep in mind while putting the chair together is that you need to take the red cap off it. If you forget to do it, it won’t raise or lower at all. The reason we thought it’s worth mentioning is because many users seem to be getting annoyed over this.

Coming to the most important factor of a gaming chair, the comfort factor, it probably wouldn’t disappoint most gamers, unless maybe if you have used many high-end gaming chairs in the past and compare the comfort offered with them.

The height seems to just perfect as well, unless you’re too short. But again, choosing a gaming chair usually always need you to take your personal preferences into consideration.

Overall, it’s quite sturdy, looks great, feels comfortable, and doesn’t cost a lot, especially compared to some of the high-end products on the market.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back PU Leather Racing Style Bucket Seat

This actually seems to be a great gaming office chair, especially if you’re on a budget. The reason we call it that is because while you can use it as a gaming chair, it may turn out to be just as good as an office chair. However, one of the most impressive things about this gaming desk chair seems to be that it seems to very budget friendly without compromising on any of the important features.

As far as the looks are concerned, we think they nowhere give any hints of being a cheap gaming chair. Instead, the chair looks pretty cool and stylish. Furthermore, you can also choose from four different color options, so we can safely say that this gaming office chair doesn’t leave much to be desired at least on the looks front.

However, coming to the comfort factor, you would expect to compromise a little given the low price. Surprisingly, however, it probably won’t let you down on this front as well. After going through a few customer reviews, it seems that it actually is a great option if you’re troubled with back and butt pain while sitting on your chair for hours at a time.

One of the customers also mentioned that they don’t even sweat while sitting on it for a long time, which is usually a common problem many users come across. The high back and lumbar support is probably more than surprising in this price range, though it would have been even better if the lumbar had been adjustable. But then, we do tend to expect a lot even when we are on a budget.

The height is adjustable as well, so we don’t think anyone should have a problem with being comfortable due to any height problems, unless maybe if they are too short. Another thing to note is that it only locks in an upright position, just like most other gaming chairs out there.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem for most of the users, as that seems to be the recommended position to sit in if you’re going to sit for a long time.

Finally, the assembling may seem a little challenging to some, but unless you really mind spending around half an hour of your time to put it together, you should be good.

As a final word, we would like to mention again that if you’re on a budget, this may turn out to be a pretty good option for you.

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

This one indeed seems to be one of the best computer chairs for gaming on the market. It’s actually a pretty high-end product, as its price so clearly suggests. However, if you’re someone who’s going to sit on your chair for a really long time and it’s going to be this way for more than just a few months, you may definitely want to look into what it got for you.

You would also need to have that kind of budget, though. But if you’re willing to spend that much to make sure that you get pretty much the best there is out there, the Sayl Chair should definitely be a safe bet.

The manufacturer seems to be rightly defining it as the perfect mix of sophistication, design and ergonomics. The technology used to built it in the form of the ArcSpan and the Y-Tower make it perfect for supporting all your body parts that tend to suffer while sitting on a chair for hours at a time.

Now although have not been following any order while going through the product’s features, we would be talking about the comfort factor for this one. The reason is that it’s simply exceptional.

First things first, we have gone through a customer review posted by a couple, and the first thing it said was that both of them are writers. They used to spend (the review was posted a few years back, but we don’t think it’s any less relevant now) anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day on it, and had been using it from around a year. This means that they surely had a good bit of experience with the chair, and what they had to share should be very useful.

If you couldn’t already tell, their lifestyle required them to have something “very” comfortable in order to avoid end up falling prey to back and other such problems. Well, they were more than happy with it, and said it’s worth every penny, which is pretty much what we think about this product.

Regardless of how long you tend to stay stuck to your computer, this chair would make you feel perfectly comfortable.

The durability is as good as the brand’s reputation promises, with some customers apparently using it from quite a few years. It’s also one of the few chairs that allow you to lock it in whichever position you want, as opposed to the usual upright position.

There are many other great features about this gaming office chair but we wouldn’t go into that. Reading a few customer reviews will be more than enough to convince you that this is the product to buy if you’ve got the budget.

VIVA OFFICE Fashionable High Back Office Chair, Racing Style Gaming Chair

Well, it’s one of the high-end gaming chairs on the market as well, but apparently, it’s a bit different one. By different we don’t really mean nicer, though, as it may well come down to how you take it.

Firstly, as soon as you unpack the huge box that it comes in, you will probably feel afraid about assembling it, as it would seem a very daunting task. However, surprisingly, the instructions are short and simple, and you may be able to put it together in no time.

However, when you first sit on it, you may or may not feel it’s really worth the high price. For some, it may be a great feeling and they won’t regret buying it at all. For some others, however, they may feel a little disappointed as they may be expecting something far more spectacular for the price.

Some common complains you may have about the product includes that the head rest, as well as the chair itself could have been a little higher, the arm rests should have been adjustable, and it must have come with a reclining option.

However, you have to recline manually, and the arm rest moves when you do. The chair also comes with a pillow to support your lower back, which is actually quite great.

However, more importantly, it’s probably on using the chair for a few days that you will realize that maybe you were not all that right about it. It’s because it may end up doing everything you wanted it to, including offering a great level of comfort.

It won’t make you feel uncomfortable even if you sit on it for hours. Furthermore, it’s also pretty well balanced, and unlike some other chairs, it won’t make you feel like you would fall off if you lean back a bit too much. It also has a footrest that takes the level of comfort to a whole new level.

After taking everything into account, we think it’s still a great choice for people who don’t expect perfection, but are happy to have a chair that won’t let them down on things it’s actually bought for.

Merax King Series Leather Office Chair

The highly comfortable head pillow (removable), lumbar support pillow, as well as allowing you to lean way back comfortably without having to be afraid of tipping backwards are some of the highlighting features of this chair. You can pretty much sleep on this thing and going by some customer reviews, it’s excellent for people with back problems.

The design is pretty cool as well and the price is more than fair for what it offers.

What to look for in a computer chair for gaming?

Well, now that we have just gone through what seems to be some of the best computer gaming chairs you can buy without breaking the bank, we think you may also want to know more about how to choose one if you were to buy one all on your own.

So without further ado, the below given are some of the important factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a computer gaming chair.


Although many would want to consider other more specific and technical stuff as the most important feature of a gaming chair, we think it’s the comfort factor. After all, regardless of how advanced the chair is, if it isn’t comfortable, you will have a hard time using it anyway.

A chair that makes you feel comfortable even when you sit on it for hours at a time is a great way to avoid falling prey to the many back and other problems that are common in people spending hours on their computers every day.

Now, as this is a gaming chair we are talking about, you may also want to take the type of games you play into account. For instance, if you tend to play racing games more than anything else, you may want to go for a pedestal gaming chair.

Similarly, if you play slow action games, or tend to take rest at regular intervals, a chair with a very comfortable headrest may be your best bet.

Finally, the design of the chair seems to be equally important. It’s important to make sure that would fit comfortably in the chair and the height of the chair would be ideal as well for you.

System compatibility

If you’re a serious gamer, this may be a very important feature for you. You may want to ensure that the gaming chair you are getting will be compatible with your gaming system. The products we listed above are general ones, based more on the comfort they offer than anything else.

However, if you’re sure this feature means a lot more to you, you may want to look for products that come with such sophisticated and advanced features.

Materials used

You obviously wouldn’t like to buy a new gaming chair every few months. Hence, you need to make sure the one you’re buying is durable enough, and is made of high quality materials.

A quality gaming chair can set you back by several hundred dollars, so you always need to keep this in mind as well.


Although we have talked a bit on this above we think it’s worth expanding a bit. As you aren’t a child anymore, the size of the chair you’re getting can be crucial to whether you end up liking it or not. There seem to be a surprisingly large number of users complaining about the size not being right for them.

If you’re overweight or very tall/short, you may want to do a little more research to find something that’s unique and is capable of taking care of your additional requirements.


Well, although this has been placed at the last, it definitely isn’t the least. In fact, for some, it’s going to be one of the most important factors while choosing a gaming chair. Unless you can manage to spend whatever it takes to get a high-end chair with all the features there are, you may have to take the “value” factor into consideration very seriously.

What we mean is not trying to go for all the advanced features, but rather only those that you know for sure that you’re going to need. Similarly, you may want to have comfort as your top priority, as it actually is. Fortunately, if all you want is a comfortable gaming chair, you may actually even get one of the best computer gaming chairs out there for a more-than-affordable price.


Regardless of how useful all the information and product reviews we have written above are, a lot is going to depend on what your personal preferences are. However, if you don’t really want to be a professional gamer and simply looking for something that’s comfortable and serves its purpose, you should seriously consider the above given product recommendations.

All you may need to do is find out how much you’re willing to spend, and keep some of your personal preferences in mind and choose a gaming chair based on them.