Top 5 Best Back Supports for Office Chairs in 2017

Although a good office chair may make you feel comfortable while sitting on a chair for hours at a time, you need something else too to complete it. The something we are referring to are back cushions for office chairs. They offer way too many benefits for their price, and are a perfect supplement to good office chairs.

They have also proved to be a great way to work comfortably while having to sit on a chair for hours at a time. Most of them are also believed to offer many benefits, with one of the major ones being promoting a healthy body posture.

However, there seem to be many back supports for office chairs on market currently. Unless you are very knowledgeable about the product, you’re bound to get confused and even end up picking the wrong office chair back support.

That said, the below given seem to be some of the better back support for office chairs out there. Unless you need something very specific, these products may be more than capable of offering everything you need.

Chair Lumbar Support by Vive

Pretty much everything seems to be perfect about this lumbar support for office chair. It’s firm yet perfectly comfortable, which is definitely something worth noting.

Talking about the design aspect, it seems to be perfect as well and aims at providing support to the lumbar region, so anyone dealing with lower back problems should definitely consider it.

We have gone through several customer reviews of this product, and they all seem to be full of praise for it. They mention that though they had serious back problems, this lower back support for chair makes them feel so much more comfortable. This is despite sitting on the chair for extended periods of time, so you can be sure of the comfort it offers.

A particular customer review also pointed out that it has worked great for them at dealing with a sore and fatigued back. Similarly, you won’t have to walk away with a stiff back like you usually do when you sit on a chair for hours at a time.

Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac

Looking for a backrest for office chair without spending much? The Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac may be exactly what you’re looking for. Although it’s quite a cheap back support for office chairs out there, it doesn’t really seem to be compromising with the quality.

It also seems to be a great option if you do a lot of driving regularly, as the many customer reviews so clearly suggest. Maybe one of the reasons for that is the fact that it’s highly portable.

Furthermore, it also keeps its shape even after being used for a long period of time, and that’s definitely something that makes it one of the better products on the market.

It has also been left a review by a physical therapist, someone who’s obviously quite knowledgeable when it comes to lower back problems. This customer gave it a 5-star rating and highly recommended it. So did a doctor to another customer who left his review too.

All in all, for the comfort offered and the surprisingly affordable, you can’t go wrong with the Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac.

Love Home Memory Foam 3d

This seems to be a great all-round product you can use while sitting on a chair, in a car, or elsewhere. One of the highlighting points of the Love Home Memory Foam 3d is that it aims at improving your posture, which can actually be quite beneficial in the long run.

Similarly, it also reduces stress to a significant extent on your back when you sit on a chair for hours at a time, as well as provides comfort to a wide area from the base of the spine to the lower-midpoint of your back.

It also comes with a strap extender, which can come in really handy when sitting on a wider chair. This is something quite unique about this product, as most of the other back support cushions don’t come with anything extra.

Apparently, a major downside of this product seems to be that it doesn’t really seem fit to be used for many different things other than as an office chair back support. This is due to the fact that it fails to hold up when subjected to heat and a lot of weight.

If made to deal with a lot of heat and weight, it may shrink and even fail to keep its shape over a period of time.

That being said, it certainly seems to be quite a good product for using while sitting on an office chair, as that doesn’t make it deal with a lot of heat and weight.

In fact, you would usually find it to be very soft and comfortable, yet firm and supportive. Quite a few customers vouch for it on its product page, so don’t disregard it simply because of that one downside, which is probably a problem only in some rare cases.

BackGuard™ – Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture

This back cushion is actually what it claims to be – a premium quality body cushion. You could probably also tell from its impressive design, though.

The comfort offered is probably better than most other back cushions in this price range, and there’s hardly anything to complain about it.

If the customer reviews are anything to go by, they all point towards the fact that you just can’t go wrong with it. In fact, some even go on to say that they tried back support cushions from different brands on the market, but weren’t really as satisfied with any of them as the BackGuard™ Premium by SimplePosture.

A great thing about this product is that your back would adapt to it in no time. In fact, it would simply melt into it the very first time it comes in contact with it.

Overall, a great product and unless you mind spending a few more bucks to ensure a much better quality, it would probably be your best bet.

Desk Jockey Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion

Probably the first thing you will notice about this back cushion is its unique design. Also, though it looks a little small, it’s actually large enough to cover your back and be perfectly comfortable.

Furthermore, unlike some of the other car cushions out there, you wouldn’t have any problem using it anywhere you want, including in your chair, car, and so on. It’s also highly portable, so there’s nothing to worry about on this front.

The lumbar support is exceptional, and it would be hard to find the same level of lumbar support in any other product. It surprises on the comfort front as well, and you would probably be amazed at how comfortable you feel when you put this against your back while sitting on a chair.

It’s also very gentle on your back even if you use it for hours at a time. It doesn’t get stiff over time like some other low-quality products.

As a final word, we think it would be a job finding a better back support cushion at this price, especially when it comes to the comfort front.

Why you need a back support for your office chair?

People who have to work for hours every day on a computer sitting on a chair have a quite a few problems to deal with. Firstly, it gets very uncomfortable after say, a couple of hours to sit on the chair and work. This also takes a toll on your productivity and efficiency, and it doesn’t take long for tiredness and fatigue to creep in.

However, not doing anything about these problems result in bigger problems over time, with issues related to the lower back being one of the most common ones. It also isn’t really uncommon to have to go through a surgery when these problems start reaching their peak.

That being said, it seems incredibly important to safeguard yourself against such serious health issues, as well as ensure that you’re comfortable while sitting on a chair for extend periods of time.

The need to go beyond an office chair

While a good office chair may go a long way in helping you prevent falling prey to the aforementioned health issues as well as offering the much needed comfort, it may still be incomplete to a certain extent.

This is because not all of them may offer the required level of comfort and prevent pain in the lower back. However, using a good back support with your office chair may work wonders in improving the overall level of comfort around your back as well as promoting a healthy body posture.

Such back cushions have also proved out to be very beneficial in preventing lower back pain, a stiff back after sitting on a chair or car seat for hours, making you feel comfortable, as well as providing the much needed support to your back.

A final word

A good back support for office chairs is usually firm enough to support your back well, yet soft enough to make you feel perfectly comfortable. It also doesn’t cost much, and hence it makes sense to get a good one.